Welcome to the Aristotle School

The "Aristotle School" is a complete educational institute that provides high-level general education and prepares students to meet the modern demands of life and the new era that rises. An era that requires substantial intellectual culture, modern knowledge, moral formation, versatile and creative personality. With this message the "Aristotle School" aspires to shape the citizen of the 21st century, who will have assimilated the values of Greek civilization, will meet the requirements of a global society and will visualize a creative future.

Believing deeply in the educational function of Education, Aristotle School has undertaken the task of shaping people with excellent spiritual formation and high morals. People capable of meeting the demands and challenges of the modern times and will join the community as productive members and active citizens. Our school serves this mission with a faculty of high scientific and pedagogical training, good facilities, excellent organization and an expanded, modern and quality curriculum.

Our objectives are:

  • transmission of human values, principles and ideals
  • broadening of the intellectual horizons of students and especially the development of critical and creative thinking
  • optimal cognitive development of students that will ensure  the uninterrupted continuation of their studies in Higher Education
  • respect to our National Heritage and Tradition
  • love for nature and awareness of environmental protection
  • a fruitful meeting with the Art, Science and Technology
  • encouragement for proper exercise and love of sports
  • preparing students to become citizens of Greece, Europe and the World